The Network of Originary Peoples of Alianza Bocas has as its main objective to analyze, draw some conclusions and program actions regarding the threats faced by our territories and cultures, which directly and negatively impact our traditional, cultural, traditional production and our worldview itself, harmonious with our natural environment.


One of the main threats that we are facing are megaprojects, mainly hydroelectric dams, mining, REDD-Climate Change (carbon capture and its "benefits $$$"), oil projects and transgenic imposition in our food.

These threats, which reach our territories in the name of "development", pollute and destroy our rivers, our flora, fauna and ancestral knowledge of our Peoples, generating irreversible environmental, social and cultural damage, including the violation of our justiciable Human Rights of our Originary Peoples.

These types of projects are causing the forced displacement of our lands where historically we have lived in a harmonious, spiritual and productive relationship with nature, Mother Earth, the hills, mountains and sacred sites.

Some of these projects, such as hydroelectric dams and agro-fuels, are being promoted as options to mitigate emissions by protecting themselves and receiving bonuses through the Clean Development Mechanism (CDM), which is obviously NOT true.

Despite the fact that climate change has been caused by industrialized countries, it is in our Native Peoples where we are experiencing the negative effects, such as floods, changes in production cycles, rising tides in marine-coastal areas, loss of crops , food insecurity, strange diseases, climate change, among many other negative effects.

(From the "Sieykin Declaration" 2011).