The organizations of artisan women in the network have a common strategic objective, which is the manufacture and sale of handicrafts to consolidate their economy and achieve the dissemination and permanence of their ancestral cultural heritages. And it constitutes the basis on which this network was structured under the criteria of covering needs that are indeed significant and that will contribute to the improvement of its management.


Due to the development of the tourism industry in Bocas del Toro, with all its variants (conventional tourism, entertainment, ecological, ethnocultural, community, etc.), the integration of vulnerable communities in the face of these new challenges, must be accompanied by gradual processes of training and permanent learning to facilitate their insertion with offers of products or supplies that meet the basic requirements of quality, marketing, customer service and the revaluation of their natural resources, traditions and customs, properly targeted and managed to achieve the objectives that are they pursue.

This training must be active and participatory, with programs that consider clear objectives and priorities, evaluable according to their results, which, in turn, must be observed in medium-term perspectives.